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Welcome to Prospectors Choice

Offering Prospectors a Choice of economical small scale mining equipment that inspires the Freedom of Choice.  Choice means Freedom!

We are a mining supply company that’s all about gold and gold prospecting. We got bit by the bug in 2007 and have had gold fever ever since. For those of you who do not know what gold fever is, it’s the worst kind of sickness. There is no cure for it, no doctor or medicine can relieve it. Only the flash in the pan of this elusive and intoxicating mineral seems to calm it . . . for a little while anyway.


“We” consist of friends and family that have a love and a passion for the great outdoors. We all come from different walks of life. All of us have camping and hiking experience. The one thing we do have in common is the love and the challenge of the search for gold. Over the past years we have nurtured relationships with some of the local people of Cleator. Yes people do live in this ghost town. That is what a major draw to the area is for us all.

We spend weeks at a time in our campers, enjoying the search for gold, wildlife watching, photography opportunities and flower collecting. We like to assert our constitutional rights and shoot our guns, burn camp fires, 4 wheel and prospect for minerals on our claims. The town of Cleator is close by. They have the train house and the bunk house for visitors to stay in, and of course has a bar, with the co-o-oldest beer in town. 🙂

But you’re probably here to get your hands on the finest gold prospecting equipment available, from gold panning kits to river sluices to highbankers. To get started, just click on the Shop link to browse. When ready to make your purchase, just click Check Out. You fill in your info, and can set up an account with us at that time if you want. If you want to find out more information about our remarkable gold prospecting supplies, check out the links in the sidebar.

Welcome to Prospectors Choice!

Support Your Mining Rights

Please take a minute to check out these web sites. Whether an old pro at mining and prospecting, or just getting started, each of these groups represents mining communities, individual property rights, and the Constitution of the United States. Each are diligently in the process of fighting for your very rights.


Gold Prospectors Association of America


Western Mining Alliance