Clean Up Sluice

This is not a concentrator. This truly is a clean up sluice for your concentrates.

Finally a clean up sluice, that is not a plastic gutter!

Process more material in less time than you can with a gold pan!

We have tried blue bowls, and long toms, ran our material through our sluices over and over again, even the trusty spiral wheel, all this ever seemed to do was give us denser material to pan thru again…all time wasting!!! We needed something that we could visually see the gold once it is revealed, and an easy way for it to be removed, easier to use, and processed more material, quicker. As well as making it easier for those of us who have a hard time physically panning.

We have for your consideration, a small portable, highly effective tool for extracting the gold from your concentrates! The alluvial sluice does a super cleanup faster than any blue bowl or spiral wheel concentrators. You will recover fine gold and nuggets…quickly! This is what this sluice box is designed to do.


19A2 Alluvial Sluice Box
19A2 Alluvial Sluice Box

The alluvial effect creates a continuously lowering of water pressure in different zones, allowing gold of different sizes and weights, to drop out of suspension at different intervals. There are no riffles to overload. This sluice box works by a constant capture system. Rather than using riffles that catch gold only at specific spots, we have focused on the entire length of the sluice box being one big capture element.

These are built of lightweight, rugged premium-grade aluminum, and do not use carpet, expanded metal, or miner’s moss. This means cleaning and recovery is fast and easy. The black background shows high-contrast material such as gold very well. Angle, pitch and water flow determines the speed at which the riffles clean. The result is superior recovery. The tapered, widening sides, allow for easy access with snuffer bottle.

Made much in the spirit of a miller table, the concept is the same, flat smooth water surface with minimal slope of sluice/trough, for recovery of flour or gold dust. If you have ever panned for gold you know what it takes to get down to concentrates in a pan, then the time consuming swirling, and tapping and washing of the heavy’s and black sand. You will be amazed at how much gold is still left in your black sands & concentrates.

Our Clean Up Sluice comes in several configurations.

15A2 is our most simple design. It is also our first. This little critter really catches the GOLD.
Each Measures 18″ x 8″ x 2″. Laminated with our fine ribbed rubber matting.
15A2 Clean Up Sluice
15A2 Clean Up Sluice
15A3  model is the same as the 15A2 but with a different matting, This unit is for 30 mesh material and smaller. 

19A1  Is our larger sized more productive Alluvial Sluice. Same concept as the 15A2, with some improvements. The Alluvial Sluice botom has a boiler plate,or ribbed slick plate. Allows for Mixture of material with water, and extra gold capturing surface.

19A1 Cleanup Sluice
19A1 Cleanup Sluice

19A2 Again the larger size alluvial sluice, This sluice includes even more improvements Starting with the boiler plate/ribbed slick plate, material then passes over a section of the small ribbed material, then over another section of ribbed aluminum, before exiting the sluice after one final pass over the larger ribbed material.

For material 1/8″ and less. Each Measures  21″ x 9″ x 2″ overall.

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  1. just got the 15A2 cleanup sluice set up….instructions were easy to follow ….set up was a breeze. Ran some old pan tailings and recovered gold that would have been lost. Great product and look forward to running lots of material this summer.

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