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Super Stoked with High Banker

“Hey guys, super stoked with my new highbanker sluice that arrived 2 day from you guys . I’m from Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia, and it took no time for delivery with no problems at all . I ran it at home for an hour recirculating the water putting some pretty average dirt thru it and still got almost 20 pieces of colour! Cheers for a really well made product at a great price.”

—Paul Redshaw, Australia

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Scout 12 Volt Highbanker Winner

Hey everyone my name is Bill Saffran, as you might know I won a “Scout” 12 volt highbanker from Prospectors Choice about a month ago. I had wanted to take it out immediately but mother nature hasn’t been playing nice with the east coast lately. Fortunately yesterday it finally broke 50 degrees! To make it better I was off work! So off to my spot I went. Now my spot inst easy to get to at all. From where I park you have to hike down a trail that descends roughly 200′ in less than a quarter mile. That being said I didn’t have any problems getting the Scout down into and out of my spot. And my setup time was all of maybe 5 minutes. I ran for about 4 hours with my deep cycle marine battery and had no problems. Right out of the box this highbanker has proved itself to me. I tested my tailings twice and each time there was no loss of gold at all! That’s saying something because most of my gold is about the size of a grain of sand with a rare flat piece the size of a pencil tip. This machine caught it all! If you are looking for a portable, easy to use, well made highbanker to check a spot that no one would be able to get to previously with anything larger than a pan. This is an excellent machine designed and built specifically for that purpose. I will post pics soon.

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Mini High Banker is Great-Looking Unit

mini high banker
California Miners for Responsible Minerals Collection / Dredging raves about our mini high banker

Here is the mini high banker from Prospectors Choice! Great looking little unit! Can’t wait to see how it performs! Thanks, Prospectors Choice!!

California Miners for responsible minerals collection / Dredging

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What is the difference in the High Bankers?

Maverick 500 in use

Is it just the pump size?

There are a few more differences than just the pump size. All three have different riffle designs and combination of materials within the sluice box for different configurations.

The 500 (Beach) model, has a ¼” primary classifier, with ¼” raised expanded material, combined with a round rod riffles system. To be used with smaller material (Beach Sand) and has a ribbed rubber matting. Measures 23” long.

The 800 model has a ½” primary classifier, with ½” raised expanded material, combined with a flat riffle design system. To be used with ¼” classified material, but will classify to ½” and has our rubber-backed black ribbed carpet, combined our black “moss” carpet. Measures 23 “ long.

The 1200 model has the same primary classifier, with ½” raised expanded, but comes with a drop riffle, or “Hungarian” design riffle. Which creates a much larger eddy behind the riffles and is 28 “ long. This too has the Black Carpet.

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Winner of High Banker


My name is Tristan Kandarian. I’m 13 years old and live in Sparks NV. This last weekend my dad and I went to the Rye Patch nugget shoot in Lovelock NV. I was the winner of the high banker that you donated. This is my first high banker and below is me putting in the first scoop of dirt. Thank you so much.

Tristan Kandarian



You’re very welcome, Tristan, Hope you and Dad had a great time at the Rye Patch.  this unit is perfect for the beginner. Please feel free to contact us anytime for help, ideas, and methods. Be sure to keep us updated with all the GOLD you find 🙂 Gold Luck out there and thanks for the picture,  we look forward to more of them of you in action 🙂

–Prospectors Choice

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Love your guys sluice

Hello, my name is Austin and I bought a alluival sluice off of you I think a year ago and wanted to upgrade. I was wanting to know if I could purchase just the high banker part with the stand legs. Love your guys sluice, and it has been catching all the gold. I was wanting to ask how many gph can your high banker take and I was wanting to also know the price if that’s ok.–Austin