Alluvial Design Sluice Box

We have noticed that a lot of other gold recovery methods offered by others filter and work the gold-bearing gravel to death. They use buckets, screens and a variety of interesting methods to finally reach your goal: gold! If this is what you like to do, stop, don’t buy this sluice box design. Our Alluvial Design Sluice Box is made for high production. You  will recover fine gold and nuggets…quickly!

The difference between our Alluvial Design Sluice box and nearly every other one on the market is that theirs are built straight. There is no flow difference from the start to the finish. The water’s velocity is the same from head to tail. However, when we watched nature, we saw she will vary the velocity of a stream or river in many ways, from rapids to waterfalls, bends, wide parts in the stream, back eddies, whirlpools and so on. As any good prospector knows, where the water slows down the gold piles up. The most effective example we took from mother nature is the concept of an Alluvial Fan, or Plain. The dropping from suspension of heavier materials could not be more verified.

Alluvial Fan
Mother Nature’s inspiration for our sluices.

We incorporated this powerful natural technique into our line of sluice boxes. We have made the entire length of the sluice box into one big capture element, improving our rate of extracting the gold from our concentrates.

After about the 10th generation of sluice, we settled on this design. When we broke this out at camp the first night of our last outing, we were swamped with onlookers and curiosity seekers.


The Alluvial Design Sluice Box allows for:

  • Fast waste flush of sands and gravels.
  • Very high retention of all heavier minerals
  • Variable flow adjustment for fast and slow water ways.
  • Water stop feature for clean up or a quick check of current gold levels in the sluice.
  • Coarse gold and/or gold particles are trapped in the lower flow zones.
  • Fine gold recovery is increased by changing flow rate inside the sluice box

Fine gold is fine by us

By far the most popular gold recovery technique is for fine gold. It’s not that we don’t want gold nuggets, it’s more a matter of a lot of the easy gold has already been prospected or mined. There is a lot of fine gold out there in streams, rivers, beaches and even deserts. Recovery has always been a problem. Most standard sluice boxes barely touch the stuff, often times you lose more fine gold out of your sluice box than you recover. The heart of this fine gold recovery sluice box is in it’s continuous capture system. We increase the gold recovery efficiency by varying the water pressure throughout the sluice.  As we change from a fast stream pressure in the box to a slow one, more fine particles of gold drop out. The Alluvial Design Sluice Box continuously keeps getting wider as it goes along, thus decreasing water pressure and allowing more gold to settle out.


The sluice or trough is constructed from 5052  16-gauge (1/16″) aluminum. It has a high fatigue strength, excellent corrosion resistance, perfect for marine atmospheres. The header box, or cap contains the water delivery system. Shallow tapered sides make it access easy. Standard hose connections make it simple to hook up to garden hose or 12 volt pump. We are not a huge manufacturing shop, we do not stamp out hundreds of these an hour. Each is handmade.

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